Xiaomi Flash Tool Download Latest Version

Miflash Unlock tool is an official tool to unlock and flash your Xiaomi Devices. This tool is handy to upgrade or downgrade your currently rom and install custom Android ROMs.

This Miunlocktool supports for almost every new Windows versions, and you can Flash your xiaomi devices safely rather than using an unknown tool because it’s an official tool of xiaomi. The latest version of Xiaomi flash tool is v6.8.30. You can quickly flash your device by following correct steps and correct software versions.

First off, Mi flash tool will only work on Qualcomm processors, which means it will not work on MTK xiaomi devices. And this tool supports all xiaomi devices above Xiaomi Mi3. You will need windows computer which runs the operating system above Windows 7, and this tool supports all 32 and 64 versions. You only have to run the installer, and it will automatically installed to your computer. But you will have to unlock your bootloader before flashing your device

How to unlock Xiaomi Bootloader

With a locked bootloader, you cannot flash your device. So it’s a protection to the phone that manufacture give to prevent unlocking or to flash your device from an unauthorized person.

By unlocking bootloader, you can root your device or install custom ROMs. But unlocking bootloader will avoid your manufacture warranty. So do this on your own risk, but don’t worry, we are not going to unlock bootloader using third-party tools. Xiaomi has all tools and steps officially that you need to unlock your boot loader

  • First download Xiaomi USB drivers for your phone

Follow below link and choose drivers for your device

  • Second thing is to Enable USB Debugging on your mobile device.

You can find this in the Settings section on your device. Just go to Settings->About and tap about ten times on MIUI version. Then you will able to see a new option as Developer Options. Go there and enable USB debugging.


  •  Request unlock Permission from this link

You need to request unlock permissions from xiaomi developers. So go to that link then click “Unlock Now” and you will have to log in to your MI account. Now fill the given form with real details. Provide a valid reason for that why are going to unlock your bootloader.

Then you will have to verify your phone number, and then you will have to wait up to 10 days until they send SMS confirming your permission

  • OK, Now you have the permission to unlock your bootloader. Now install MI Unlock tool.

Install mi unlock tool and log in to your MI account. Connect your mobile device on fastboot mode (Power Button + Volume Down)

  • Finally click Unlock Button to unlock bootloader


Miunlocktool Features

  • It contains xiaomi firmware drivers

Unlike other flash tools, you don’t have to manually install your device firmware drivers. It will automatically detect your phone and install the latest drivers for it.

  • Customizable Flash options

Miunlocktool has different flash options such as

  • Flash all – It will clean all the internal storage and flash your device
  • Flash expect storage – It will flash your device expect your internal storage


  • Supports for any Xiaomi Device

The latest version of this flash tool will support all of xiaomi devices. So you don’t have to search for specific software to match your phone model.


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Xiaomi stopped their support for Windows XP, and Latest versions of this software will now work correctly for Windows XP

How to Download and Install Miflashtool

First, you have to download the latest version of Miflash tool from below link

  • Unzip the downloaded Zip file and install it by double-clicking it.
  • Follow the steps of the installer and install the software properly
  • Download your rom file. You can download a few stock rom files from this link.
  • Turn on your mobile phone on “Fast Boot” mode. You can hold the power button and Volume down button to do this.
  • Connect your mobile device to PC and wait till it detects
  • You will see a Xiaomi logo with fast boot mode.
  • Click on the “Select” button and select your custom rom file.
  • Click the “Refresh” button and wait for to detect your mobile device by the software.
  • Choose one of the flash modes on the bottom of the software.
  • And Finally, click the Flash button to flash your phone.
  • It will show the result as “Success” when successfully flash your device.



It’s a friendly and easy application developed by Xiaomi Developers. You don’t need any kind of professional knowledge to use this software.

Unfortunately, this software will not support Mac OS and Linux. And it will not support any kind of MTK chipset devices.