How to Unlock Bootloader on Your Xiaomi Device?

Make sure your smartphone dosen’t have any issues and can be unlocked

  • Make sure it is not bricked, soft-bricked, or in a bootloop state and it operates correctly.
  • Install Drivers & Unlock tools to your PC.
  • Your phone have an official MIUI ROM & Logged in to a MI account.
  • It has a SIM Card in it, and use it to connect it to the internet.

Your Xiaomi Device Unlock Steps

Step 1: Prepare Your Phone

  1. Access the MIUI version by going to Settings » About Phone.
  2. Tap the MIUI version many times till the pop-up appears. “You are now a developer!”
  3. Return to Settings and choose Developer options below Additional settings.
  4. Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.
  5. Connect your phone to your Xiaomi account. Select “Mi Unlock status” Agree » Add a device and an account. Verify that your device can use mobile data to connect to the internet.
  6. To enter Fastboot mode, power off your phone and press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  7. Using a USB Cable, join your phone to the computer.
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Step 2: Prepare Your Computer

  1. Sign in to your Xiaomi account using your PC’s Mi Unlock app (Email, Phone, and Xiaomi Account and Password).Ensure that your phone is linked to a PC and in Fastboot mode.
  2. The server will determine whether or not your phone is linked to the Xiaomi account.
  3. Select Unlock » Unlock anyhow by clicking. Mi Unlock will show the message “Couldn’t unlock. Please unlock 168 hours later.” To unlock successfully, wait the count down period.
  4. Start Mi Unlock and click on Unlock » Unlock anyway once again when the waiting period is ended.
  5. Your phone should reboot itself automatically when the bootloader has been unlocked. Click Reboot phone if it doesn’t.

Download Mi Unlock Tool

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